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Paper Mill Island -- Baldwinsville, NY

Paper Mill Island was the first Brownfields project in NYS completed and redeveloped under the Clean Air/Clean Water Bond Act program. The project successfully redeveloped an abandoned paper mill site to a public park with a world-class amphitheater. The project was completed on a fast track schedule of less than 2 years. This period spanned the grant award, clean-up, redevelopment, and a September 2000 dedication ceremony to open the constructed amphitheater.

Convenience Stores with Gas Stations

Plumley Engineering has worked with numerous developers/petroleum dealers to successfully develop new convenience stores..

"Mill Pond Dam" in McConnellsville, NY

In its 20-year history, Plumley Engineering has performed a variety of projects on dams. One of the more interesting was the "Mill Pond Dam" at the Harden Furniture Company in McConnellsville, NY. The dam was a 150+ year timber structure that had deteriorated to the point where total reconstruction was the only option.

Redeveloped Former Gas Station Sites

Redevelopment of high traffic corner locations often present environmental challenges caused by former gasoline stations dating as far back as the 1930's.  These stations often created environmental contamination lasting for decades after the station closed.


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